BAT goes Green!

BAT is pleased to go green!
BAT has taken a number of steps to reduce its carbon footprint and use fewer resources.


Here is just a partial list:

The host for BAT's website is GreenGeeks. GreenGeeks has a zero carbon footprint. With the help of green energy and carbon offsets, GreenGeeks is 300% green!


All of BAT's posters are printed on 100% recycled paper. They are printed with nontoxic soy ink.


All of BAT's postcards are printed on 100% recycled paper. They are printed with nontoxic soy ink.


BAT is proud to be taking part in the City of Burien's Business recycling plan. We have placed and use recycling bins throughout BAT and its office. BAT has adopted as many of the green business practices recommended by the City of Burien as possible. (Actually as a 35-plus-year-old nonprofit, BAT had adopted most of these measures years ago, just to save money.)


BAT has long recycled "used" programs. This tradition continues with a vengeance.


BAT uses at least 30% post-consumer recycled paper in its office and for programs (sometimes more recycled content is used when BAT can afford it) For every $50.00 you donate designated for the purchase of paper, BAT will buy a carton of 100% recycled paper!


BAT uses used and pre-owned items for props and set dressing whenever possible. Without second-hand stores and the kindness of strangers (and the kindness of the cast, crew, and staff) the sets and BAT would be bare. Thank goodness for second-hand stores which BAT not only buys from but donates to. For many items, thrift stores are BAT's storage space. 


Although BAT has water bottles and cups at concessions, all plastic, glass, and paper that can be recycled is recycled. In BAT's office there is a 5-gallon water dispenser, which is used by the staff and volunteers instead of bottled water.


As an astute season ticket holder will have noticed, many BAT flats and platforms are reused from show to show. Some may only appear once a season others are on stage almost every performance, nevertheless, they are all kept and maintained for as long as possible. When it comes to sets, BAT is forever looking for ways to be green. In fact, a number of sets have been made entirely from recycled cardboard, that was again recycled at the end of the production.


BAT conducts as much business via email and other electronic means as possible, to reduce waste. The Board of Trustee, staff, and volunteers all use email and telephone calls to stay in contact. BAT has an email newsletter that you can join HERE.


BAT puts as many of its resources as possible into creating Better Live Theatre! It also strives to keep ticket prices affordable. So going green is not only the right thing to do, it is almost always the best way to save money too. BAT values the money you spend on tickets and that you give BAT through your donations. To best honor your support, BAT stretches every dollar as far as humanly possible.


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