"So admire and appreciate BAT never getting stuck in mediocrity when quality and educational entertaining is the "prize."" CW

"While it may seem trivial under our current conditions, the arts are actually especially important right now and BAT provides a necessary service with a profound love for the local community. They need our support so that they can support us!" - JF

This show is SO GOOD! See it before it closes!!   ML

"BAT is a GREAT night out. Completely different than the usual movie/restaurant/bar/etc. Highly recommended."   R.B.

This is a lively and interesting community theater. The actors are top notch and the space is both intimate and comfortable. This is my favorite local theater.

Stan B

"Organizations like this absolutely deserve financial support. Live performance goes back to the beginning of the Human Adventure. If we lose it, we lose a lot...."
Nate B.

"BAT is well known in Seattle for its production values and high-quality sets, which for a playwright, is important and a luxury." N. Tankus

"The nonprofit Burien Actors Theatre, which promises unusual productions and invigorating experiences, was successful on all counts with “Rapture, Blister, Burn."  Westside Seattle

"Tickets to Hamilton $319.00 to $1325.00 ? I will wait and see it at Burien Actors Theatre . They are known for challenging productions."

George S

Thanks to all that attended and thanks to Eric and Maggie and the entire crew for putting on a show that rivals any show in New York. I have seen many plays in New York.....Phantom the Opera included. However, {BAT's] Ben Butler was the best play I have ever seen. John W.

It was one of the top two plays we have ever seen. Gabriel G.

"I have nothing but positive things to say about the cast, the acting, the story and the venue. Great job on every aspect of this production, from set to concessions and the art in the lounge. Kudos to everyone who put this together, and to everyone who supports this theatre troupe" Amber

From B-Town Blog comments

I am delighted to bring my mother to the BAT gala as a birthday gift!  I think I will go on and buy tix this week, wasn't sure if I should also RSVP.  In any case, the BAT is our favorite Seattle area theatre.  See you next month. Yay!    Holly C

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