First design meeting for “Bob’s Office Holiday Party”

Last night was the first designer meeting for “Bob’s Holiday Office Party.” It was great fun. The designers are full of ideas and the show is on its way. I know, the current production “Out of Sterno” is not even over quite yet. There is just one weekend left. Get tickets HERE.

At the deign meeting we heard from Albie the set designer. His drawings got us all excited and ready to start the build. There are some tweaks to be made, but wow.

Cyndi is all over the props. We are all looking in our basements and garages for those hard to find items. If we don’t have them, then BAT will ask its volunteers. If still no, then on to the rest of the world.

Allan is composing a original music for the show. We got a chance to see a little of it. (Saw the score, that is.)

As a very special treat, it looks as though some of this will be played live. Can’t wait to see if that comes true.

We all also got a lesson on composing and music theory. Not to much, but enough to see where Allan’s design is heading.

Everyone added their thoughts and even those without full presentations were offering suggestions and support.

Overseeing all of this was Iisah, the director. He shared his vision, but gave the designers room to create. It appeared though that everyone was on the same page, if not the same line.

Long and short, before one project is done (“Out of Sterno”), another is underway. As the production company, that is just the way BAT likes it. As a BAT-fan you should be smiling too.

When this many talented people gather in one room, the energy if palpable, and the show will be great.

It not too early to secure your tickets HERE.

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