Do you shop at Fred Meyer?

Do you shop at Fred Meyer? If you do, and you have one of their rewards cards, you can donate to BAT with every purchase you make.

Here is how it works: Go to Fred Meyer’s community rewards page HERE, or paste this into your browser and enroll.

To enroll you’ll have to set up an account, unless you already have one. You’ll be required to give them an email address and a password. (I enrolled, and a least so far, I have not received any emails from them.)

Once you are enrolled go HERE or post this into your browser, and link your rewards card to Burien Actors Theatre. You’ll need the number from the back of your rewards card. Once that is done, BAT gets a donation every time you shop at Fred Meyer.

HERE are answers to some frequently asked questions,

You’ll still earn your rewards, and there is no increase in your purchase price.

With just three households signed up, BAT was paid just under $50 last quarter. (That will buy almost two gallons of paint for BAT!)

If you shop at Fred Meyer, why not link you rewards card to BAT, and give when you buy?


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