Ripcord, next at BAT’s Shelter-in-place Season

Next up as Burien Actors Theatre (BAT) continues its online 2020 Shelter-in-place Season is the comedy Ripcord, written by David Lindsay-Abaire. Performances are May 16 at 8 pm and May 17 at 2 pm.

So far, BAT’s 2020 Shelter-in-place Season has been a hit. Here is just one of many very positive comments after the last play, “That was f—-ing riveting!”

Since BAT can’t bring audiences into the theater right now, the company went online. Talented actors read the five plays in BAT’s Shelter-in-place Season under the guidance of equally talented directors.

These plays are the Artistic Director’s choice with little supervision. So they are different than offerings found anywhere else on social media or streaming.

While the Shelter-in-place Season is a fundraiser, BAT understands funds are tight for some. So make a donation of any amount, no matter how large or small, and get a link to see the Zoom reading. Plus, for Ripcord all donations up to $1,000 will be matched.

Donations help BAT and Click-4-Tix, BAT’s online ticket seller, as they both face hard times. They also pay for show costs.

For tickets to a unique experienced in these twisted times click HERE!!!.


Ripcord, a comedy by David Lindsey-Abaire, is the story of two crafty combatants: The widows Abby Binder and Marilyn Dunne have it out in an increasingly outrageous skirmish for the right to sleep in peace at the Bristol Place assisted living facility.

Marilyn insists nothing makes her angry, while Abby says she is never, ever scared. So the two make a bet. If Abby can make Marilyn lose her temper, Marilyn will move out. That is, unless Marilyn frightens Abby first. In that case, Marilyn gets to have Abby’s bed, which is right next to the window and has a lovely view of a park.

To get what they want, the pair resort to bizarre tactics and drag everyone around them into the fray.

Please note the script contains a little adult language, including the “f” word.

Actors and directors:


Abby – Maggie Larrick

Marilyn – Rochelle Flynn

Scotty – Adrian Cerrato

Benjamin / Clown / Lewis – Steve Murphy

Colleen / Woman in White – Jessica Robins

Derek /Zombie Butler / Masked Man – Jesse Calixto

Stage directors:

Rochelle Flynn

Maggie Larrick

Performance Schedule for Shelter-in-place Season:

Here is the schedule for the remainder of BAT’s 2020 Shelter-in-place Season (all times are Pacific Daylight Time):

May 16 at 8 pm – Ripcord, by David Lindsey-Abaire

May 17 at 2 pm – Ripcord, by David Lindsey-Abaire

May 30 at 8 pm – Zombie, by Bill Connington

May 31 at 2 pm – Zombie, by Bill Connington

June 13 at 8 pm – Hindle Wakes, by Stanley Houghton

June 14 at 2 pm – Hindle Wakes, by Stanley Houghton

June 27 at 8 pm – They Promised Her the Moon, by Laurel Ollstein

June 28 at 2 pm – They Promised Her the Moon, by Laurel Ollstein

BAT has missed its audience very much and hopes to be together soon. “Stay safe, and wash your hands!”


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