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The time has come! Burien and South King County need a 250-seat performing arts space - a vibrant community and arts hub for theater, music, dance, comedy, visual art, and a home to BAT Theatre. You can be a part of making that possible! 

As an early supporter of this project, you help lay the foundation to create positive change in Burien. The positive impact on local restaurants, shops, and the downtown neighborhood would be enormous! Your $500, or more, gets you a ticket to an exclusive evening at Forest Ledge enjoying local Food, Entertainment, and Community is the necessary first step to making Burien a cultural gem and an economic powerhouse!!!  

TICKETS HERE! - This is an outdoor/indoor event. Reminder masks are required indoors.

Why invest in a performing arts space in Burien? As seen in the chart below from “How the Arts Impact Communities: An introduction to the literature on arts impact studies” by Joshua Guetzkow (2002), the arts: 

* Reduce neighborhood crime and delinquency.  
* Increase attractiveness of the area to tourists, businesses, people (esp. high-skill workers), and investments.
* Foster a “creative milieu” that spurs economic growth in creative industries.  
* Increase propensity of community members to participate in the arts.  
* Creates a greater likelihood of revitalization.  
* Improves community image and status. 
* Promotes neighborhood cultural diversity.  

  • For arts to thrive, they need a location, a hub, a focal point, attracting Burien residents and art tourists from around the region. NOW is the time to build that hub, that focal point. 

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Join John and Shelli on September 18, 2021, from 6:30 pm to 11:00 pm. This is an outdoor/indoor event. Masks are required indoors:

*An evening of Comedy, Theater, Live Painting
* Talk with Julie Adams & Stephen Van Dyck of LMN Architects
* Music by the Ryan Burns Quintet - Thomas Marriott- trumpet; Hans Teuber - saxophones; Ryan Burns - piano; Geoff Harper- bass; Eric Eagle - drums
* Music by David Templeton
* Stand-up comedy by Scott Losse
* Hand-balancing performance by Jill Marissa
* Jason Odell Williams’ new play Destroying David, excerpt performed by Lowell Deo
* Dance by Sister Kate Dance Company
* Live painting by Angelina Villalobos
* Live painting by Sam Sneke
* Small Plate fare provided by local Burien restaurants - 909 Coffee and Wine, Centro Neighborhood Kitchen, Tin Room Bar and Theater, and…
* Ryan Ables of Humble Vine will host the Forest Ledge Wine Bar


ADA accessibility:  This venue is not ADA accessible, and involves stairs or slopes. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Limited Parking:  Forest Ledge is at the bottom of a long sloped paved driveway with limited parking.  Attendees may:

Park on the residential streets above Forest Ledge, and walk down the driveway.

Reserve one of the 14 parking spots available on the driveway for a $50 donation HERE.

Park in the north end of the St. Francis of Assisi Church parking lot, 15226 21st Ave SW, Burien, WA 98166, and ride our shuttle to and from Forest Ledge.  Shuttles begin at 6:25 p.m.

Use Uber or other ride-hailing services.


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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BAT Theatre (Burien Actors Theatre) had a dream has a plan to create a performing arts space that will be a Diamond in South King County. The plan begins with the creation of architectural drawings to foster community support, entice developers, and win grants and funding from the County, State, and Federal Governments.  

To create something spectacular in Burien, BAT reached out to the internationally known and award-winning LMN Architects. After a meeting with Maggie and Eric from BAT, LMN loved BAT’s vision. LMN responded,  

The prospect of developing a venue in the Burien community to sustain your multi-faceted programming is an intriguing prospect that we would enjoy helping you explore. It is an excellent match to our firms expertise in both urban development and performing arts facilities, and were delighted to submit this proposal for site analysis and concept design.”  

Next year will be too late! NOW is the time to fund LMN’s proposal for site analysis and concept design. 

Why support this plan NOW? Burien is at a crossroads. It is time to take hold of Burien’s destiny. A performing arts space is infrastructure. Infrastructure that will soon be funded. To qualify for the coming Federal and State infrastructure money, we must have architectural plans and a vision in place NOW! 

Who is LMN?

Seattle-based LMN Architects specializes in the planning and design of significant public and private facilities, including convention centers, cultural arts venues, education facilities, office, multi-family residential, hospitality mixed-use developments, and other urban environments that celebrate and enrich communities. Recipient of the 2016 American Institute of Architects Architecture Firm Award, and many other awards & recognition. LMN has earned an international reputation for design excellence, sustainable solutions, practice innovation, and successful delivery of complex projects. Here is a list of a few of the arts projects they have designed: 

  •      MaCaw Hall, Seattle, WA
  •      Vashon Performing Arts Center, Vashon, WA 
  •      Federal Way Performing Arts & Event Center, Federal Way, WA 
  •      Tobin Center for the Performing Arts, San Antonio, TX 
  •      Voxman Music Building at the University of Iowa 
  •      Edward J. Minskoff Pavilion, East Lansing, MI 
  •      Seattle Asian Art Museum, Seattle, WA 

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Who are the people helping YOU move this forward?

BAT Theatre (Maggie and Eric) picked up the mantle to guide the creation of a 250-seat performing arts space in Burien. HERE is an example of their work.

Who is Maggie? 

Maggie Larrick is the managing director for BAT. She was pulled irresistibly into the vortex of theater to paint sets for a high school play. Since then, she has worked in theater as a managing director, production manager, stage director, actor, set designer, costume designer, and scenic painter. 

Maggie has also served on the Board of Directors of local theaters, including stints as Board President.  She has been part of BAT’s management since 2009.

Together, she and Eric have grown BAT into a regional presence. Maggie is known for her ability to grow the organizations with which she is involved, through collaboration, creativity, and planning that is responsive rather than reactive to changing circumstances. When she worked in newspapers, she doubled the size of several newspapers for two different companies.

An avid curiosity--and perpetually asking the questions why and why not--have also taken Maggie into the newspaper industry as a reporter, editor, and managing editor, as well as into the law as a law office manager and paralegal.

Who is Eric? 

Eric Dickman is the artistic director for BAT. He has been creating theater for over 40 years, starting in high school. He acted a little and designed lights for hundreds of plays, dance, concerts, and rock and roll shows. He worked shows from tiny 20+ seat venues to the Coliseum before the Kraken took it over.

For the last fifteen years, he has been doing sound design for live theater.

He has been on the Board of Directors of local theaters, including serving as a Board President from time to time. He found his true love in theater. He has been part of BAT’s management since 2009. Together Maggie and Eric grew BAT from being on its last legs into a theater with a regional draw.

He brings his extensive theater background to his role as artistic director.

Eric is also a trial lawyer, licensed in Washington, Alaska, and New York. He started as an associate, had his own firm, and is now in solo practice.

How the Arts Impact Communities

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