Happy Birthday!


BAT just turned 41 years old. As we look ahead to our mid-life crisis, it was time to go back to the basics.

BAT’s amazing Board of Trustees joined together to revamp our Mission, Vision, and Value statements. That may sound easy, but it is a lot of work. After input from the public in January, help from a consultant, and 14 drafts, BAT’s new guiding principles were recently adopted.

These tell the world who BAT is, where we hope to go, and what guides us on that journey. Wherever BAT finds a new home, we will bring this energy with us to make that home an extraordinary place for all.BAT logo new

We are very pleased to share our Mission, Vision, and Values with you!



We welcome and embrace our shared humanity through live theater. We question norms and thrive because of our diversity and energetic commitment to excellence.



Looking into our future, we see…

BAT brings people together to explore hopes, dreams, and experiences to build understanding.
BAT intentionally reaches out to the LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC communities, those with disabilities, and those with limited incomes.
BAT provides a welcoming home for actors, playwrights, and production staff - inviting creativity, risk-taking, and challenging ideas.
BAT reaches out to diverse communities, creating opportunities to connect indoors, outdoors, and online.
BAT is mindful to advance the arts by partnering with students and educators in our communities.
BAT’s performing space is multi-purpose – a creative and exciting gathering place for all.
BAT is financially secure, fairly compensates staff, manages its facilities and productions, and maintains professional business operations.
BAT continues its history of audience growth and is a sustainable organization.



Use respect for all as our guiding principle in everything we do
Advance diversity, inclusivity, and equity
Partner with diverse arts organizations, businesses, and educational programs
Create and support sustainable growth for the theater and our communities
Inspire and nurture artists
Be forward-thinking – boldly challenging tradition
Embrace resourcefulness, adaptability, and innovation in the pursuit of success

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