This Summer, BAT takes it to the Parks!

Fallen Angels a family-friendly comedy by the English playwright Noël Coward.


Fallen Angels is a delightful romp through the scandalous lives of two best friends who find themselves in a bit of a pickle. Julia and Jane are two happily but complacently married upper-class women with a penchant for mischief, but when their former lover announces a visit, they panic. As they try to keep their scandalous past a secret, chaos and hilarity ensue.

With Coward's signature wit and charm, Fallen Angels takes the audience on a wild ride of mistaken identities, champagne-fueled antics, and unexpected twists. It's a classic tale of love, lust, and laughter that will leave the audience feeling thoroughly entertained and scandalized—in the best possible way.


"Admission" is free!


DIRECTED BY: Rachel Rene


Join us in:

July 21, Sunday at 5 pm - Normandy Park - Marvista Park

July 26, Friday - SeaTac - Riverton Heights Park

August 4, Sunday at 5 pm - Burien - Town Square Park

August 18, Sunday at 5 pm - Des Moines - Des Moines Beach Park in the Meadow

 Federal Way

(More Cities and dates added soon.)



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