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BAT is taking it to the Park again this year.

For the Summer of 2022, The Play's the Thing is coming to a South King County park near you!

Directed by Rachel Rene.


The story revolves around Albert, a young composer of a new show, and the playwright, Sandor. When Albert unexpectedly arrives to see his fiancée, Ilona, he heartbreakingly overhears her sharing her affection with another man, Almady.

Sandor begins to rewrite reality to save Albert from heartbreak and thus save his new show. Through clever misdirection, Sandor tries to make it seem this incident was just dialogue in a play and begins to prep his 'actors' to take the stage - but will Albert fall for it?

This 'play-within-a-play' technique will leave you laughing out loud as the lines between reality and mere 'acting' blur. The clever use of this technique leads you down twists and turns that set up the hilarious finale.


Cities that have signed up for BAT's play in the Park so far are:

Friday, July 29, curtain at 7 pm:  City of SeaTac, Angle Lake Park

Friday, August 5, curtain at 8 pm:  City of Burien, Town Square Park

Sunday, August 14, curtain at 5 pm:  City of Normandy Park, Marvista Park

Sunday, August 21, curtain at 3 pm:  City of Des Moines, Des Moines Beach Park

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