As COVID-19 forces us to shelter-in-place, Kiss of the Spider Woman powerfully reminds us that the human imagination kiss main page artallows us to dream a different reality – political or personal – from the distorting one in which we find ourselves imprisoned.

Manuel Puig’s compelling story of two strangers thrown together in a prison cell during the Argentinian military junta began as a novel in 1976. It went on to become a play, a movie, and a musical. Through a special arrangement with the author’s estate, BAT is producing a performance reading of the stage play.

Set in a cell at the Villa Devoto prison in Buenos Aires in 1976, Kiss of the Spider Woman explores the developing relationship of revolutionary Valentin Arregui Paz and his cellmate Luis Alberto Molina, a homosexual who has apparently been 'planted' to sniff out the secrets of Valentin's Marxist group.

These two appear to have nothing in common, but Molina begins winning over his cellmate Valentin with stories inspired by a movie plot. These are dreamy love stories of thwarted desire, longing, and intrigue. But what is Molina’s motivation? Is it possible to begin telling stories as a snare, only to find that they bring freedom? And might kindness make as much of a contribution to societal change as an armed struggle? They come to find that their growing love brings its own form of liberation and redemption.

Like all of BAT’s Shelter-in-place Season II, this is a pay-what-you-can fundraiser for BAT. Due to COVID-19, some of us are not making the money we used to, but that should not keep you from enjoying better live theater. Whether you give $1 or $10,000, BAT would love to see you at the show! Get your tickets (Zoom link) by donating HERE.

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