Burien Little Theatre's supporters for its 31st season, 2011-12, include:

ARCHANGELS($10,000.00 or more):

ANGELS(5,000.00 or more):


BENEFACTORS ($2,000.00 or more):

Randy E and Aya H. Clark

THESPIANS ($1,000.00 or more):

Thomas E. Speer
Cash Donations from 9-10-11

PATRONS ($500.00 or more):

Theodore C. Teppo
Jim and Connie Walker

PRODUCTION PARTNERS ($250.00 or more):

Breeders Theater
Allan Loucks

DIRECTOR'S ASSISTANTS ($100.00 or more):

Anonymous (3)
Lance W. Bowman
George and Ann Counts, Sr.
Garry & Kathryn Crane
Jayne Dehaan
Linda Dougherty
Charlene Gearhart
John and Eileen Gray
Beth Joyce
Florence McMullin
Kathy M. McNeill
Richard Monroe
Larry and Bonnie Moormeier
Jeff and Janelle Nelson
Zachariah Robinson
Steven Smith
Anthony G. Solan
Ted and Gwynne Taylor
John and Cynthia Upthegrove
Tony Wasser
Michael Webb


Cynthia C. Baumgardner
Donald H.Cone
Gerald Constantino
George Counts
Lee and Ella Larrick
Gary Long
Mary E. Nolting
Ronda and Terence O'Brien
Barbara Reamer
Bonita B. Reister
Carl and Donna Richardson
Sharpe Law Firm
Dr. Richard L. Vanderschelden
David Wilson
Scott T. Wilson

KEY GRIPS ($25.00 or more):

Anonymous (6)
Geri Bilyeu
Vic Fettig
Justus and Janice Holm/Hosler
David and Gerry Jones
Carolyn Lewan
Ginger Lanoreux
Marilyn Michalak
In Memory of Jane Matz
Todd and Michelle Picton/Flowers
Natalie and Peter Sarantos
Dr. Richard Van Derscheld

JUNIOR GRIPS (up to $25.00):

Anonymous (19)
B-Town Blog
Rochelle Flynn
Laurin Gaudiner
Elizabeth A. Heath
Lee A. Hittenberger
Alice Ittner
The Jonsez Family
Kathleen Miedema
Robert and Patricia Price
Lon A. Rycraft
Ann Schroeder
Lucia Shinzato-Fisch
Shining Star Massage Therapy, LLC
Mark C. Steinberg
Neal A. Stoddard
Anne E. Toro

Burien Little Theatre has also received corporate matching funds from:

Boeing Employee Giving program
Regence Employee Giving Program

Check with your employer to see if they will match your gift!
great way to be part of Burien Actors Theatre!

BLT is also supported by hundreds or hours of volunteer time. Thanks you to each and everyone who donated time to BLT during the 2011-12 Season:

Dave Baldwin
Emily Cochran
Steve Cooper
George Counts
Eric Dickman
Laurin Gaudiner
Gavin Doiron
Gavin's friend
Rochelle Flynn
Brynne Garman
Geni Hawkins
Gine Jeri Hein
Bruce Ittner
Pam Ittner
Russ Kay
Teresa Kay
Maggie Larrick
Melissa Malloy
Carmon Nott
Alexandra Novotny
Craig Orsinger
Dave Poole
Pat Price
Elaine Puderbaugh
Adrienne Rawlinson
Joey Reed
Bonnie Reister
Eric Rheinelander
Zachariah Robinson
Nathan Rodda
Lucia Shinzato-Fischer
Stevie VanBronkhorst
Tony Wasser
Mike Webb
Alice Williams
Sue Woolworth
DodiRose Zooropa



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