Burien Actors Theatre's supporters for its 2017-18 season include:

ARCHANGELS: $10,000 or more

 Anonymous (1)

ANGELS: $5,000 to $9,999

 Anonymous (2)

Aya & Randy Clark

BENEFACTORS: $2,000.00 to $4,999


Anonymous (2)

The Boeing Company (matching employee/retiree donations)

City of Burien

Scott Gifford

Paul & Laura Gould

THESPIANS: $1,000 to $1,999

Anonymous (1)

Lance Bowman & Kathy McNeill 

Rhonda & Terry O'Brien

PATRONS: $500 to $999

Anonymous (1)

Kathy Keene (posthumously - through planned giving)

Michael Kelly

Elaine Puderbaugh


Francis Becker

Sherry Brandt

Friends of Cyndi Baumgardner

Elizabeth Heath

Clyde Hill

Zachariah Robinson

George Schnibb

Christine Schofield

Ted & Gwynne Taylor

Scott Wilson

John White & Shelli Park

Scott Wilson

John & Sue Woolworth


Anonymous (2)

In Honor of Liz Bagshaw

Scott Barker

Cyndi Baumgardner

Barbara Bogni

Sherry Brandt

Boomer Counts

Ellen Fawcett

Rochelle Flynn

Brynne Garman

Diane Gaskill

Charlene & Phillip Gearhart

John & Eileen Gray

Alan Gunsul

Amy Ron Johnson

Katherine Knowlton

Kroger (from your shopping at Fred Meyer)

Gary Long

Chris Mark / Optimark, Inc.

Tony Martello

Rebecca McInteer

David Miller

Eva & Dennis Parks

Carl & Donna Richardson

Jeane Serrill

Thomas Taaffe

Tim Takechi

Dave Tucker

David Wilson

Mack Van Wyk


Amazon Smile (from your shopping at Amazon)

Anonymous (2)

Julie Buck

Chemex Corp. (in kind)

Gerald Constantino

Anna & Frank Denton

Vic Fettig

Martin & Sue Fore

Judith Jordan

Carol Ber Kistein

Tracy LeMoine

Jessica Lester

Marilyn Michalak

Mary O'Malley

Cynthia & Edward Rodriguez

Lynda Rosendahl

Mark Seklemian

Margie Sorlie


KEY GRIPS: $25 to $49

Sharon Adler

Margret Alley

Jennifer & Brian Carey

Lee & Linda Faecking

Robert Flor

Shelley Hall

Sandra Kirchner

Jennifer Mazuca

Betsy Page

Barbara Reamer

Mary Lou Reiser

Danielle Sabatka

Richard Springer



Sherry Anderson

Anonymous (21)

Andrew Bleeker

Mary Gorjance

Mary Hinely

Richard Kolon

Douglas & Paula Lindsay

Jennifer Mazuca

Pat Price

Pat Sibley

Antje and Richard Staudt

Leon Tabachnick

Anne Toro


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