BAT’s script club is back!

BAT’s famous script club is back! In the before days, BAT’s script club met at Merrill Gardens. Since the onset of COVID-19 that has not been possible.

Join BAT on September 17, 2020, at 1:30 pm, when BAT’s script club goes online via Zoom.

BAT’s script club is much like a book club, but instead of reading books, you read scripts. You read the script in advance and discuss it during the meeting. Often the script will be for the play BAT will be performing (current online, typically via Zoom), but the club also reads other interesting plays.

This is a joyous way to become theatre literate, but more importantly, to have a good time and get to know your neighbors.

This is your chance to give BAT feedback on scripts BAT is looking at producing and to be entertained with new friends. On September 17 BAT will be discussing Educating Rita, by Willy Russell.

For questions or more information, please send an email to BAT at, or call (206) 242-5180.

Also, feel free to check out Burien Actors Lending Library (BALL) located at Phoenix Tea Shop at 447 SW 152nd St, Burien. BAT has placed over 1,500 books and scripts in BALL for you to check out for free!

See you at the script club and then at a show!

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