BAT lends a hand

This week some of Burien Actors Theatre (BAT) ‘s Trustees are visiting several of the merchants who take BATcoins to give them some recognition, encouragement, and support in these trying times. This was done in the form of a note telling them to “Hang in there,” which included a check from BAT for $500.00.

These BAT Trustees are in a financial position where, through BAT, they can give some monetary support to local small businesses that partner with BAT. Not everyone can do that. However, those of us who can afford to buy a take-out meal, order a book, chocolate, or other goods, should look first to see if we can support local businesses. Times are tough, and we need to stick together.

Actors from Native Gardens practice social distancing

At BAT, we understand not only theater’s entertainment value, but also how its patrons directly spend money in the local economy. We also understand it is part of a nonprofit’s mission to strengthen the community in which it resides. Even though BAT is dark with no ticket sales during the pandemic, we wanted to step up where BAT can to support the community when the times call for extraordinary action. This gesture was kindly made possible by restricted donations from some of BAT’s Trustees.

Be safe, wash your hands, and support the businesses of Burien if you can.

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